Chris Robinson

Name: Chris Robinson.

Company: 24/7 Uptime Ltd.

Position: Sales & Technical Director.

What Does Your Organisation Do: Keep business critical systems up and running 24/7.


Football Team: Manchester United, not least because I worked there many moons ago.

Who Would Be Your Ideal Prime Minister: William Hague.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: Le Gavroche because the good lady agreed to marry me when I proposed to her there…

What’s Your Tipple: Jack Daniels & Coke.

Which Business Person Do You Most Admire: Too many to mention.

Favourite Band/Artist: AC/DC, Queen and Supertramp.

Top Tune: On My Own by Supertramp.

Favourite Book: Hannibal – read it in Argentina (read the last chapter!).

Favourite Movie: Highlander.

Who Would Play You In A Film: Robert Downey Junior – have been stopped in the supermarket by more than one small child who is convinced I’m Iron Man.

Chris Robinson RDJ

Favourite TV Programme: I am Alan Partridge.

Most Visited Website: Rightmove (moving house, obviously).

Facebook Or Twitter: Facebook.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!: Kylie, Nigella, Janet Street Porter.

Interesting Fact About You: I’m a total am-dram luvvie and will be donning my apostle’s robes for Jesus Christ Superstar in Mossley at Easter.

Why Downtown: Excellent event speakers plus great contacts/networking opportunities.

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