Dave Hume

Full Name: Dave Hume

Company: Seriously Connected

Position: Managing Director

What does your organisation do: We are working hard to become the UBER of the recruitment industry.
We believe the recruitment model is broken, and here at Seriously Connected we are working towards a ‘similar’ model to UBER, we look to connect clients & candidates direct to the recruiter, cutting out the agency; we have all seen how disruptive UBER have been to the taxi industry.

Company website address: www.seriouslyconnected.co.uk 

Football team: Manchester United

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: My hairdresser Dave from Flanagans Wilmslow

Favourite bar/restaurant: Alberts Didsbury

What’s your tipple: I am a red wine kinda of guy, Valpolicella

Which business person do you most admire: Tony Robbins

Favourite band/artist: Jamiroquai

What is your all-time favourite tune: Emergency On Planet Earth

Favourite book: Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Favourite movie: Gladiator

Who would play you in a film: Robbie Williams

Favourite TV programme: Match Of The Day

Most visited website: LinkedIn unfortunately

What is your preferred Social Media platform: Personally Twitter, profressionally LinkedIn

Who is your celebrity crush: Melanie Sykes

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: Eddie Izzard – ridiculously intelligent comedy, Jack Nicholson – unbridled chauvanist, Carol Vorderman – beauty & brains, then to spice things up Jordan Belfont

If you could choose one superpower (i.e. Freeze Time) what would it be: To shield Manchester from the rain! I know ridiculous notion!

Interesting fact about you: I was once in the centre spread of the Sunday People.

What is your dream job: To be given the chance to turn Seriously Connected into a global brand…. oh wait a minute?!

Fill in the blank: Downtown is… Hitting the spot across the North West and bringing those that want to make a difference, together.

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