Grant Jackson

Company: Exchange Utility

What does your organisation do: We’re a consultancy of impartial energy and utility experts who specialise in providing commercial, public and third sector organisations with services to cut consumption and reduce business gas, electric and water costs.

Company website address:

Football team: Arsenal

What’s your tipple: A nice cold lager

Which business person do you most admire: Our directors, Kelly and JB

Favourite band/artist: Pink Floyd

What is your all-time favourite tune: Parklife by Blur is a firm favourite

Favourite movie: Team America

Who would play you in a film: Someone dark, handsome and incredibly witty

Favourite TV programme: I’m enjoying Happy Valley

Most visited website: BBC Sport

What is your preferred Social Media platform: I don’t really do social media in all honesty, i leave it to the younger ones!

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: It’d have to be to fly really – no more traffic jams

Interesting fact about you: I grew up in London but came up to Manchester to do a degree and never left!

Downtown is… a great platform connecting like minded professionals in Manchester. Fantastic community.

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