Ian Powell

Name: Ian Powell

Company: Pinington Ltd

Position: Head Of Group Property & Development

What does your organisation do: We are a Contractor developer mainly processing schemes in the NW, we can provide full turn Key packages from site finding to design & construct. We look at schemes from £200k up to £5m construction costs.

Company website address: www.pinington.co.uk

Football team: Man United

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: Tim Farron

Favourite bar/restaurant: El Ricon Manchester

What’s your tipple: Any good claret

Favourite band/artist: Beatles/Muse

What is your all-time favourite tune: Bohemian rapsidy

Favourite book: Conquest of the Inca’s

Favourite movie: Moulon Rouge

Who would play you in a film: Al Pacino

Favourite TV programme: Royal family

Most visited website: Easy Jet/ you tube DIY

What is your preferred Social Media platform: Linkedin

Who is your celebrity crush: Simon Cowell

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: Madonna, Chris Evans, Micheal Portillo, Nigella Lawson

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: Invisability

Interesting fact about you: Had a close encounter with a Bengal tiger, claw marks on my camera case to prove it.

Taken part as a judge in a TV programme called Canteen Rescue, other people involved were, Dom & Dick, Steve Miles Radio 1 presenter, Reggie Reggie Man, Brain Turner, Celebrity Chef. Programme went out on C4.

Played a full football match with Paul Scholl’s just when he was breaking into the big time.

What is your dream job: Professional Golfer

Fill in the blank: Downtown is… My type of networking club, blends People and Industries to provide 1st class communications and knowledge of what’s happening at the right time.

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