John Mullen

Name: John Mullen.

Company: HSM Consultants.

Position: MD.

What Does Your Organisation Do: We are an employee engagement specialist, which simply put, we are staff retention guru’s.

We work with companies who have a high turnover of staff and high absenteeism to help them eradicate this costly leakage to their P&L.

Company Website Address:

Football Team: Manchester United.

Who Would Your Ideal Prime Minister Be: Boris Johnson – purely because he is a funny pillock.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: Rosso.

What’s Your Tipple: Jack and Coke.

Which Business Person Do Your Most Admire: Richard Branson.

Favourite Band/Artist: Elvis Pressley / Oasis.

Top Tune: Masterplan / Champagne Supanova.

Favourite Book: The Happiness Advantage.

Favourite Movie: The Departed.

Who Would Play You In A Film: Jack Bauer.

Favourite TV Programme: Suits.

Most Visited Website: Sky Sports.

Facebook Or Twitter: Twitter.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!: Snog – Pink, Marry – Scarlett Johanson, Avoid – Mel B.

Interesting Fact About You: I once tried out for a boy band (Five); it was purely by accident, my mate went for an audition and I was moral support, I ended up doing it for a laugh and got through the singing rounds. Unfortunately I dance like my dad so they gave me a leg and a wing! Their loss 🙂

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