Kate Vincent

Name: Kate Vincent.

Company: Marmalade Toast.

Position: Owner.

What Does Your Organisation Do: We are an award winning video & photography company…

Company Website Address: www.marmaladetoast.com

Football Team: I’m more of a cricket fan but if I had to choose it would be Liverpool.

Who Would Your Ideal Prime Minister Be: Eddie Izzard.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: Australasia in Manchester.

What’s Your Tipple: Hendricks & Tonic.

Which Business Person Do Your Most Admire: Lara Morgan.

Favourite Band/Artist: Arctic Monkeys.

Top Tune: Loving “Take me to Church” Hozier at the mo.

Favourite Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Favourite Movie: Oldboy (the original).

Who Would Play You In A Film: Angelina Jolie.

Favourite TV Programme: Grey’s Anatomy.

Most Visited Website: YouTube.

Facebook Or Twitter: Facebook.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!: I would love to snog Brad Pitt.

I would definitely have married Robin Williams…

Joey Essex makes me want to me want to eat my own head!

Interesting Fact About You: I have more ink than people think!

Why Downtown: I think you’d be mad not to be a part of DIB! They’ve opened lots of doors and helped create lots of opportunities for us. From networking to round tables with some of the country’s finest, DIB are the next level in connecting serious businesses.

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