Lara Haynes

Name: Lara Haynes.

Company: Forever Living Products.

Position: Business Owner / Global Business Mentor.

What does your organisation do: Global Health & Wellbeing Networking Marketing Company.

Company website address:

Football team: Manchester United Household.

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: Karen Brady.

Favourite bar/restaurant: Enoteca in Monton.

What’s your tipple: Red Wine.

Which business person do you most admire: Michelle Mone.

Favourite band/artist: Take That.

What is your all-time favourite tune: Take That – Greatest Day.

Favourite book: Gone Girl.

Favourite movie: Forest Gump.

Who would play you in a film: Julia Roberts.

Favourite TV programme: Location, Location, Location.

Most visited website:

What is your preferred Social Media platform: Facebook.

Who is your celebrity crush: Daniel Craig.

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: Daniel Craig, Michelle Mone, Karen Brady & Julia Roberts

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: Ability to heal.

Interesting fact about you: I joined to RAF at 18 to be a medic.

What is your dream job: The one I am doing now.

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