Lidia Serra

Name: Lidia Serra

Company: Individual Restaurants – Piccolino Liverpool

Position: Events Sales Manager

What does your organisation do: Restaurant

Company website adress:

Football team: Roma

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: Shakira… everybody loves Shakira

Favourite bar/restaurant: Focus in Mexico

What’s your tipple: Bloody Mary….

Which business person do you most admire: Sir Richard Branson…..I love his private island

Favourite band/artist: U2

Top tune: El Samba

Favourite book: un anno sull altopiano (sorry is my favourite italian)

Favourite movie: Ghost

Favourite TV programme: Jackass

Most visited website: ASOS

Snog, marry, avoid: Berlusconi , Jason Statham , Jeremy Kyle (yuk)

Interesting fact about you: I speak 4 language and have licence in scuba diving

Why Downtown: I think Downtown is an amazing company where you can meet new nice people and very helpful for all kind of business.

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