Michael Taylor

Name: Michael Taylor.

Company: Downtown Manchester.

Position: Chairman.

What Does Your Organisation Do: What don’t we do?

Company Website Address: www.downtowninbusiness.com

Football Team: Blackburn Rovers.

Who Would Be Your Ideal Prime Minister: Tony Blair.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: Happy Seasons, Chinatown.

What’s Your Tipple: Sparkling water with a squeeze of lime (I’m teetotal).

Which Business Person Do You Most Admire: Luke Johnson.

Favourite Band/Artist: New Order.

Top Tune:  Atmosphere by Joy Division.

Favourite Book: The Lion and the Unicorn, George Orwell.

Favourite Movie: The English Patient.

Who Would Play You In A Film: David Morrissey, says my Mum.

Favourite TV Programme: Twin Peaks, before it went stupid.

Most Visited Website: BBC.

Facebook Or Twitter: Twitter.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!: Rachel Taylor for one and two.

Interesting Fact About You: I’ve got an O Level in Latin, just like Frank Lampard. Arte et Labore. Nihil sine Christo.

Why Downtown: Because connecting business is fun and important.

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