Natalie Ruecroft

Name: Natalie Ruecroft.

Company: Weetwood Hall Hotel.

Position: Sales Manager.

What does your organisation do: Set within nine acres of woodland and gardens and built around 17th Century Manor House, we offer extensive four-star hotel services and facilities along with a conference centre.

We have 114 en-suite bedrooms, offering six different styles of accommodation from junior double to feature bedrooms. Our bedrooms allow guests to enjoy a stylish/modern and practical interior along with spacious work environment.

Company website address:

Football team: Have to say Leeds United or the stepdad will kill me.

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: Sean Bean.

Favourite bar/restaurant: Too many to chose from – Leeds is an amazing place for dining out and having a drink or two after work.

What’s your tipple: Gin and tonic – double gin that is!

Which business person do you most admire: Karen Brady – a strong, confident, successful business woman who also gets to sit next to Sir Alan Sugar.

Favourite band/artist: Being a true northerner, it has to be the Arctic Monkeys. Only way I could love them more is if they were from Leeds.

What is your all-time favourite tune: I dont think I can narrow it down to one tune! However, Stuck in the Middle with You by Steelers Wheel never fails to get me up dancing.

Favourite book: Anything by Karin Slaughter – although I cant read her books before bed. Crime dramas are saved for the afternoon when it’s nice and bright, not dark at bedtime!

Favourite movie: Kickboxer – absolute classic.

Who would play you in a film: Van Damme in a wig. He’ll have to master the northern accent though.

Favourite TV programme: Toss up between Luther and Silent Witness. A Touch of Frost coming in a close third.

Most visited website:

What is your preferred Social Media platform: Instagram – addicted to taking a great picture.

Who is your celebrity crush: The actor who plays Rob Stark in Game of Thrones.

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: Rob Stark, Van Damme, Alex Turner and JLo (for fitness tips!)

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: I’d like to be able to click my fingers and move from place to place – just like Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Interesting fact about you: I once managed to get myself on the front cover of the Hague Metro wearing a leotard and sweatbands.

What is your dream job: Apart from the job I have now it would have to be Sales Manager for Historic Royal Palaces – I’m addicted to history and all things Tudor!

Downtown is… great at helping me network within the city of Leeds and with names like ‘Sexy Networking’ why would you not want to go?!

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