Pamela Ball

Name: Pamela Ball

Company: Knowsley CVS

Position: Chief Executive

What does your organisation do: We are a charitable company that inspires local voluntary and community action . We do this by being a learning organisation that actively seeks connections, knowledge and resources that can help do assett based development that is deliberately ingenious ( not innovative !) and relies on strong and values based leadership. We are becoming a research innovation hub for social sector action and activities.

Football team: At the risk of getting lynched…I don’t care ??

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: Sophie Walker ( Leader of the new Womens Equality Party !)

Favourite bar/restaurant: Il Forno….I am so eassy for good Italien

What’s your tipple: A nice red….. a good single malt….

Which business person do you most admire: Bill Gates

Favourite band/artist: The Eagles

What is your all-time favourite tune: “This is the Moment” from Jekyll and Hyde

Favourite book: Rebecca

Favourite movie: 2001 a Space Odyssey

Who would play you in a film: ooooo……….Bette Midler or Olivia Coleman ?

Favourite TV programme: West Wing

Most visited website: The Guardian

What is your preferred Social Media platform: Facebook for family only , Twitter for the rest of the world !

Who is your celebrity crush: Hmmm….dont tell my husband…Benedict Cumberbatch

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: Jimmy Carter, Gloria Steinheim, Buddha, Malcolm Gladstone

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: Immortality? no? Then time travel…..

Interesting fact about you: I moved halfway around the world to marry a Scouser

What is your dream job: Professor of Literature

Downtown is… The Best Place to Network!

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