Phil Griffiths

Name: Phil Griffiths.

Company: Allied Lighting.

Position: Key Account Manager.

What Does Your Organisation Do: Allied Lighting is an innovative company pioneering the use of LED lighting in commercial, public and domestic sectors.

Allied Lighting are committed to finding the most efficient and viable solution to reducing our customer’s energy consumption through LED technology. Allied use premium components to ensure product longevity and optimum lighting conditions. We can offer the best possible solution for any scenario.

Company Website Address:

Football Team: Liverpool.

Who Would Your Ideal Prime Minister Be: Richard Branson.

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: East Z East.

What’s Your Tipple: Stella.

Which Business Person Do Your Most Admire: Richard Branson.

Favourite Band/Artist: U2.

Top Tune: Beautiful Day.

Favourite Book: N/A.

Favourite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street.

Who Would Play You In A Film: Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Phil v Chiwetel

Favourite TV Programme: Downton Abbey.

Most Visited Website:

Facebook Or Twitter: Twitter.

Snog, Marry, Avoid!: Snog; Michelle Keegan, Marry; Nicole Scherzinger, Avoid; Cheryl Cole.

Interesting Fact About You: I was part of a team who broke the world record for the most people to do a tandem sky dive, not a bad achievement as I am scared of heights.

Why Downtown: Great networking events with key and influential people, always have a good drink and a laugh with the Downtown team.

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