Who Are Yer? – Angie Robinson

Company: Manchester Central Convention Complex

Job title: CEO

What does your organisation do: We host some of the world’s leading conferences and events.

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: My son, Cllr Liam Robinson, Chair of Merseytravel. A politician who is straight as an arrow.

Trump or Clinton: Clinton, every time.

The EU. In or Out: In

Which business person do you most admire: Oprah Winfrey – she has built a serious empire out of a brand she has developed.

Favourite business quote/mantra: Dress for the job you want, not the one you have got.

Football team: Manchester United

Favourite band/artist: Rod Stewart

What is your all-time favourite tune: One day like this – Elbow. Happy times, kids weddings.

Favourite book: To kill a mockingbird – Harper Lee

Favourite movie: Used to be “My girl” but now it’s “Spotlight” – I hate injustice

Favourite TV programme: “One born every minute “ is my current guilty pleasure especially as it features the Liverpool Women’s where my newest grandchild is due to be born in October.

What is your favourite bar/restaurant: Locally, the Dun Cow near Knutsford. The River Café in Fulham is amazing and the Maribel near La Manga holds many happy memories and never disappoints.

What’s your tipple: I like a Hendricks with Feverfew light , a vino Rosado in Spain and you can’t beat a South African pinotage.

What is your signature dish: I make a legendary Christmas dinner – so my kid’s say.

Most visited website: The White Company – how very Cheshire.

What is your preferred Social Media platform: I only do LinkedIn but as a company we are highly active on them all.

A Sexy Networker or Rise & Grinder: Definitely a Rise and Grinder – early bird and all that.

Who would play you in a film: Meryl Streep – I so wish I looked like her. She would probably thank me for the chance to eat loads so she could gain the extra pounds!!

Who is your celebrity crush: Bono – for the brains not the looks

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: Time travel – so I could get my commuting time back.

What is you dream job: The one I have – livin’ the dream.

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party and why: You need 8 for a good dinner party so that is 6 plus me and my husband

Emmeline Pankhurst – to thank her for giving my Grandmother’s the vote.

Nelson Mandela – a real hero whose principles and sacrifices delivered change in a world that looked the other way

JFK – because he started to break the mould of US politics by challenging the social divisions and championing the American dream. He was a really interesting writer. And he wasn’t perfect……

Peter Kay – because he is hilarious, down to earth and looks like he enjoys his food.

Dame Maggie Smith – I always wanted a teacher like Miss Jean Brodie – and I love the wit of the Dowager in Downton.

My daughter Abbi – she is the most enthusiastic person I know and she is smart and great in company. As a working Mum to three year old twins , I reckon she would relish a night off.

Interesting fact about you: I am a published co- author.

Downtown is… Incredibly successful – and Frank is a top bloke!

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