Who Are Yer? – Sean Anthony Hunter

Company: The Baccarat Lounge

Position: General Manager

What Does Your Organisation Do: Delivers the finest hospitality in the most opulent surroundings

Company Website Address: www.thebaccaratlounge.co.uk

Football Team: Liverpool FC

Who Would Be Your Ideal Prime Minister: Winster Leonard Spencer Churchill

Favourite Bar/Restaurant: The Savoys Beaufort Bar

What’s Your Tipple: On old Aged Cognac like Hennessey Richard

Which Business Person Do You Most Admire: Sir Richard Branson

Favourite Band/Artist: Michael Jackson/Freddie Mercury

Top Tune: Queen – I Want It All

Favourite Book: Nineteen Eighty Four

Favourite Movie: Casino / Scarface

Who Would Play You In A Film: Johnny Depp or Al Pacino (for a older me)

Favourite TV Programme: The Blacklist at present

Most Visited Website: Youtube

Facebook Or Twitter: Facebook

Interesting Fact About You: I use my feet like a monkey does

Why Downtown: Downtown has attracted great business to our city and constantly delivers high profile events and networking which is vital for SME’s like ourselves.

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