Who Are Yer? – Tara Tomes


Position: Managing Director

What does your organisation do: EAST VILLAGE. provides retail, leisure and hospitality brands with exciting PR campaigns, engaging marketing strategies and show-stopping events. The business was born from a desire to create lasting relationships through engaging conversations, which really just means that we work closely with clients to get their messages out to the right audiences through the right channels. We’re a young, passionate and experienced team that likes to bring personality into everything we do. Our clients include Malmaison Birmingham, Great Western Arcade, Lower Precinct Coventry, thestudio, Birmingham Cocktail Weekend and Hollywood Monster; helping to drive their PR, website content, social media and events.

Company website address: www.eastvillageagency.com

Who would your ideal Prime Minister be: I mean, at the moment, that’s anyone’s guess. Reckon Idris Elba is up for the job?

Trump or Clinton: Clinton

The EU. In or Out: In

Which business person do you most admire: I’m surrounded by people that inspire me every day. Anyone who’s passionate, has the will to succeed and wants to share their success is someone worth looking up to in my books.

Favourite business quote/mantra: A job isn’t just a job… it’s who you are.

Football team: I’m a big fan of the Paris Saint-Germain away kit!

Favourite band/artist: Hmm, this is a tricky one, but the big hitters for me are Disclosure, MNEK, Arctic Monkeys, Spice Girls and Rod Stewart. If they’re on the playlist, then I’m happy.

What is your all-time favourite tune: “I Feel For You”, Chaka Khan and “Latch”, Disclosure and Sam Smith never fail to get me on the dance floor

Favourite book: Assuming ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ isn’t an appropriate answer, I’m currently reading Jim Collins’ ‘Good to Great’ and that’s going down pretty well.

Favourite movie: High Society… Bing and Grace are #relationshipgoals

Favourite TV programme: I don’t watch much TV these days but I’m obsessed with Home & Away (yep, it’s true) and I’m counting down until the new series of Suits.

Favourite bar/restaurant: Currently ‘Be At One’… the playlist, the cocktails, the service; it’s the perfect grown up party location.

What’s your tipple: Gin… always gin. Nothing beats Langley’s No. 8 Gin, Fever Tree Tonic and crushed black pepper.

What is your signature dish: I can cook steak to absolute perfection.

Most visited website: Shopping on ASOS is my favourite pastime.

What is your preferred Social Media platform: They all have something different to offer so I can’t choose one. Facebook is great for catching up with friends far away; Twitter is the place to go for the latest news; Instagram is the best way to see who’s life is more glamorous; and Pinterest is my ultimate interior design hobby.

A Sexy Networker or a Rise & Grinder:

Who would play you in a film: The Ab Fab film has just come out so that’s pretty accurate… not sure anyone could do a better job.

Who is your celebrity crush: Chrissy Tiegen, without a doubt. She’s sexy and sassy… and one hell of a cook. When I’m over this latest phase of eating healthy, I’ll be straight back to her cook book!

If you could choose one superpower what would it be: I’d love to be invisible… imagine being able to go where you want and hear what people are saying about you. I’m seriously nosey so this would be the ultimate power for me.

Which four people would you most like to invite to a dinner party: From a business point of view, I’d love to sit down with Richard Branson and hear more about his journey, aspirations and the challenges that have made him a better entrepreneur.

I’m a pretty public supporter of the Monarchy so my ultimate dinner wouldn’t be anything without The Queen. She’s been there and done that so you know that her stories would keep everyone entertained… with Chatham House Rules applied, of course.

My girl crush Chrissy Tiegen would be invited, mostly so that she could help me cook up a storm. Her cookbook is one of the greatest things I’ve ever bought!

Finally, Henry XIII… I’d like to see what all the fuss was about!

Interesting fact about you: I was once on stage with Whitney Houston. I mean, I was in my mum’s stomach and she was singing with her (yep, my mum is pretty awesome and famous – Norma Lewis, look her up!) but that still counts right?!

What is your dream job: I’m doing it right now… (yes, cheesy I know)

Downtown is… a great opportunity for businesses to have a say when it comes to how the city is run and to help shape the future of young entrepreneurs like me and even younger professionals who will be leading the city in years to come.

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